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Copy Trick

Postby Unw » Thu Jun 10, 2010 2:15 pm

I discovered this trick in the old days while testing certain idea for a C league (which wasn't realized), but it's the first time i used it in competition. I'll use AR2 B 58 level as an example.
1) We copy the map under different name as not to tamper with original level
2) there, we delete all things to the left of the node and move 'dillo
3) now we can move the left border to match our node exactly and make a vertical swing
4) Left border needs to be moved back a bit to allow more space for further manipulations
So we have a swing but how do we get it in solution? That's where the trick comes. We just need to copy that swing to exactly the same spot and connect it to the node in solution.
5) We attach one end of the rope to the upper node of the swing and move the other end exactly to bottom-right corner.
6) Then we select rope and swing and copy it
7) This step requires a bit of precision. We need to position mouse cursor out of the level boundaries somewhere around bottom-right corner, press ctrl+v and hold ctrl. If it appears like all copied to same place (we see only one rope and one swing) then we click left mouse button and release the ctrl.
8) Now if we zoom in to the bottom-right corner we will notice that the end of copied rope has little offset on both directions like in image1.

9) We create new rope and connect this misplaced node with the original swing and delete all our stuff except original swing and that new rope
10) All that's left is to copy rope and swing, load the solution and paste it there like in the step 7. If everything went right, after deleting the rope and connecting the swing to the node it should be perfectly vertical. We can carefully tweak the upper and middle nodes of the swing moving it up or down.
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Re: Copy Trick

Postby Votart Silak » Tue Jul 20, 2010 4:16 am

Super! Thanks! :D
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