Beginners Introduction

Information for newcomers to the game and an introduction to the competitions hosted here.

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Beginners Introduction

Postby markmadras » Mon Nov 09, 2009 1:39 am

Hi, and a warm welcome to the Armadillo Run web site and contest forums. This forum is here to help all newcomers gain some knowledge of the game before moving on to the challenge of competing in the A & B Leagues. These Leagues are presently used by the more experienced players and the standard of play is very high.

With the game you will have both the original AR1 and AR2 Beta1.2. All the existing contests use the latest Beta version of AR2 apart from the 'Dark Masters League' which uses AR1. AR1 has some major diferences which will be discussed in another section so for now all the information in the Beginners category will be solely for AR2 Beta unless otherwise stated.

It is highly recommended that before taking part in any contest you initially solve the 50 normal and extra levels that come with the game. Try to get all the solutions as cheap as you can and if you get stuck ask for help.

When you first open the game you will see a menu, click on instructions and you will find details of all the features of AR2, this is well worth a read before you get started and there will be further refinements added to the game prior to the completion of the final version. The old AR1 Leagues have already been archived for posterity as AR2 gradually takes over the site. The existing A & B Leagues have been using AR2 since about mid September, all the results files are stored in an archive available from the announcements section as you enter each of the League forums. The various archives relate to the different Beta versions, you must use the corresponding Beta version for the simulation to be correct.

The first contests for the 'Beginners League' are now running, as soon as we get a few players taking part an end date will be announced. There is a guide at the top of the League forum to help you on your way.

Peterstock is the developer of Armadillo Run and he will welcome your comments. In the 'General' category there is a forum called 'Development', this contains several topics in respect of AR2, use this link if you would like to make any comments viewtopic.php?f=22&t=2630 . This gives you a place to make suggestions for improvements to AR2 and to report any bugs you think you may have found.

If you need to ask any questions please go to the 'Post here for help' topic in the 'Beginners League' forum or use this link viewtopic.php?f=20&t=2670. Follow the instructions and someone will answer your post fairly quickly.

This category is under construction and will soon include a number of 'How To' guides. To keep up to date, every time you visit the site click on 'view new posts' at the top of the 'Board Index' and you will see a list of all the recent activity.

Have fun with the game and best of luck in the contests.
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