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AR2 Version 2.1.1 Beta

PostPosted: Fri Mar 12, 2010 3:30 pm
by peterstock
I've now released version 2.1.1 Beta of Armadillo Run, which fixes most of the simulation-related bugs found in 2.1.0.

The biggest problem was with the collision response, which I inadvertently made more unpredictable/random in 2.1.0. I think this is largely fixed now, and is more like the version 1 behaviour (but without the dark force).

The 'explosion' bugs in 2.1.0 that were caused by many links being placed on top of each other should be reduced, but there will still be some force created by using this technique. I decided this was better than disallowing all overlapping links in the editor.

I've also fixed the invisible armadillo bug.

The version 2.1.1 Beta release is available to everyone who's already bought the game from your download/registration link in your purchase confirmation email. If you don't have this any more, you can also get to your download/registration page by entering your current registration code here:

Re: AR2 Version 2.1.1 Beta

PostPosted: Sat Mar 13, 2010 1:41 pm
by rob
First impressions:

- Strange behaviour around extremely large dillo's is gone, no more exploding objects that barely touch the dillo :D

- Problems with dillocount after deleting one of the dillo's seems gone :D

- I'm no expert on jackhammers but the explosions are gone and the force created by separation is not really big :D

- Tiny dillo's are still very easy pushed through a metal plate :(

- The bouncing is gone with the regular sized dillo :( (tiny dillo's bounce a little)
Bouncing needed adjustment but I'm really sad it's gone. It would be nice if the dillo bounced back somewhere between 25% and 50% of the height it was dropped from.

More to come after we do some contests with this version :D

Re: AR2 Version 2.1.1 Beta

PostPosted: Sat Mar 13, 2010 2:56 pm
by markmadras
I agree with all the above, with the addition of the tweaky problem I have already PM'd. I also agree entirely that the bounce was a great addition to the game and it would be a shame if it cannot be increased back up to a more realistic level.

Stopping the smallest Dillo's going through steel plate may not be possible without slowing down the speed of the simulation, I could be wrong about that I am sure Peter will confirm. If you make a level with a small Dillo and don't want anyone to push it through the plates you could put in a double layer of plates, on this one we may have to compromise.

My findings with the tweaky problem indicate that the collision response of any material fixed between anchors is no longer changed when additional material is added to either anchor, but if you add further material to the same anchor it changes the collision response of the first piece of material. This can still mess up a solution creating the need for re-tweaking as adjustments are made. I have asked Peter for a quick fix with this if possible, fingers crossed.

I assume we will be changing over to the new version with the start of the next contests so may I suggest the Host puts a big bold announcement at the beginning of the thread so any newbie's will know that we have upgraded.

I will put the final results files into the AR2 archive and start new ones for Beta 2.1.1.

Re: AR2 Version 2.1.1 Beta

PostPosted: Sun Mar 14, 2010 3:38 pm
by markmadras
Something I had forgoten about is when "Level Failed" pops up during a simulation if any Dillo drops to a certain level below the boundary. Only a minor problem and I seem to recall there was no objection to removing it completely. :D

My observations in the first contest with the new Beta, :D :D :D . It is a mass of plates all interconnected across anchors with four seperate constructions all connected to it and I have had no re-tweaking to do, it is a very welcome improvement. Everything else seems to be working just fine :D .