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AR2 Beta status

Postby peterstock » Wed Sep 16, 2009 11:32 am

After some (very useful) bug reports regarding the simulation behaviour in the AR2 Beta, I will be investigating and hopefully fixing them. When this is done, I will release it as AR2 Beta 2. Any solution created with AR2 Beta (1) will then play differently with AR2 Beta 2. If there are any further changes to be made to the simulation after AR2 Beta 2 then I'll do the same thing and release AR2 Beta 3, and so on until the AR2 official release.

I mention this here because it affects the competitions, since they are starting to use the AR2 Beta and the solutions won't be replayable with the next release. Hopefully the progression of bug finding and fixing will be fairly quick to minimize the length of this transition period. It's not the ideal situation, but having people using the current Beta is providing me with some really useful input and helps to create a more solid AR2.

If only I didn't write the bugs in the first place...

There are three types of bugs found so far:

  • Explosion of many objects placed exactly on top of each other.
  • Very different bounces from similarly placed objects.
  • Objects passing through other objects in certain situations.

See AR2 for examples.
Levels that demonstrate the AR2 bugs.
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