New to AR2? - Join a Contest & Learn Fast

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New to AR2? - Join a Contest & Learn Fast

Postby DaveLloyd180 » Mon Apr 26, 2010 4:04 pm


Whether you are a brand new player (welcome :D ) – or a veteran Dark player (boo! :) ) from one Newbie to another, enter a CONTEST in AR2.

Some of the levels created in the "Experts" Leagues (AR2 “B League” for instance) are far too difficult for us Newbies, but the same experts have kindly created a league just for us - The AR2 "Beginners" League.

This Forum has been redesigned with you in mind. It’s now easier to locate 'Newbie' info and CONTESTS suitable for beginners.

To play a CONTEST Level is easy - just follow these 5 simple steps -

The BRIEF guide to joining a CONTEST –

1. Find an Open Contest
2. Read the 1st MSG for the Contest and download its .lvl2 file
3. In AR2 create your most cost-effective solution
4. Create a PM to the level Creator and submit to him your solution
5. Update the Forum


I created this note to help, hopefully – where I found help lacking when I needed it.
All members of the Forum will assist anyone with navigation issues, and will, sometimes, also, post a hint on a particular level!

Should the above be a little too brief, read on, else I’ll see you in the CONTESTS.


The VERBOSE guide to joining a CONTEST–

Should you require more assistance than is listed here, then raise your issue in the 'Post here for help' topic.
Here is the link - viewtopic.php?f=20&t=2670

1. Find an Open Contest. (At the moment ALL Levels in the "Beginners" League are open).
Access this board >> Board index ‹ Beginners ‹ AR2 "Beginners" League >> then look at TOPICS
Each open Level will have its own thread until the level is closed when a RESULTS thread will also be opened by the Level Creator.

2. Read the 1st MSG for any Open level (unique level rules explained) and download its .lvl2 file.
The file to download will be displayed (blah_.lvl2 in a box on its own)
Save the file to your AR2 levels folder on your PC.

3. In AR2 create your most cost-effective (or fun) solution and Save your creation with a saved level name in the format
(For example, my solution may be called something like 1234-davelloyd180-mysupremelevel)

4. Create a PM (Personal Message) to the level Creator, the guy with the 1st MSG in the thread. He will have a PM button on that MSG. Send your solution to him …
Ignore the text in the PM
Use the BROWSE Button to locate and select your solution file.
Use the ADD FILE Button then use the SUBMIT Button

5. Add an entry to the Forum to advise other Contestants that you are playing.
It's a Chat Board - so you can say what you want, but include a <dollarsleft> value you want to brag about.
(For example, if I thought I was going to win the above Contest, I may say that I had a score of 1000+)
Recommendations are that you Open your bidding at about 80% of your real score (but I don’t – I cheat :D )
Never place a bid for more than you know you can achieve however :!:
Only you and the Creator know the true value of your solution.
(Be polite :!: Use of any text likely to upset anyone else will be deleted along with your Forum A/C)

That's it! (5 steps to AR2 stardom :shock: )
Keep an eye on the Forum Thread and UP your bid if you are outbid, REPLY to the Forum and state a revised dollarsleft value (best make it higher than the previous highest bid!).
If your solution is worth less than the highest bid, then fix it, and resubmit it to the Creator, or Retire!

If you are good enough you should advance to the challenges awaiting in the "A" and "B" Leagues.
As a Newbie myself, I can tell you that you will struggle to be competitive in these Leagues until you have mastered the basics.
Help and hints are always available to us Newbies. Send a 'polite' PM MSG to the Creator, or publicly to the Board.
Good luck - and I hope to see you, beating me, in The "Beginners" League.

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