AR2.1.2 BEGINNER 001 OooO

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AR2.1.2 BEGINNER 001 OooO

Postby rob » Mon Apr 05, 2010 3:06 pm

Welcome to the first AR2.1.2 beginner league contest: OooO

This league is intended for beginners ONLY. As soon as you win a contest in the normal league (A) or the expert league (B) you can no longer take part in the beginner league. Winning a couple of beginner leagues probably is a good indication that you are ready for the other leagues.

This contest uses the AR2.1.2 beta version. Please make sure you use the correct version!

If you solve this level pleeease submit your solution. You help us keep the forum alive and we might be able to help you become a better player.

There is no enddate yet. Just submit your solutions by pm to the contest host (that's me :D ) and as soon as we have a few competitors I will put up the enddate for this contest.

When you have a solution you can also make a bid in this topic. If for instance you have a 800$ solution you could make a bid of 500+ :lms: This inspires other people that already scored a little more than 500 to join the contest, submit their solution and make a counterbid. You want to keep your true score hidden for everyone but the contesthost until (close to) the end of the contest to keep things interesting.

Always submit your solution by PM (Personal Message, the link to the right under the username) to the contest host (first poster in the topic)

Save your level like this:
[Score]-[Your forumname]-[Solutionname]
So I would save mine as:
The file you submit to the contesthost should look something like this:

If you have any questions please ask. We are more than willing to help you.

Prices of materials are changed so watch closely what materials you use to get the dillo to the portal.

Didn't really know how hard this contest should be. I made 2 armadillo's that both have to go in their own portal but I don't think it should be too hard to get them there. The level can be solved in a number of ways using different materials so please try them all :D If you think it's too hard or too simple please say so.

Good luck and have fun :D
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Re: AR2.1.2 BEGINNER 001 OooO

Postby DaveLloyd180 » Fri Apr 09, 2010 12:15 pm

Great level Rob.
Simple design - but nice and thought provoking.
This is a great level for beginners to get their teeth into contests.

I'll open at 400

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Re: AR2.1.2 BEGINNER 001 OooO

Postby rob » Sat Apr 10, 2010 12:01 pm

Glad you like it, now let's wait for some competition...
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