AR2_A_351_015_$2 Any Thing(Results)

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AR2_A_351_015_$2 Any Thing(Results)

Postby mark_man » Sun Aug 30, 2015 6:23 pm

As we already know bythelee was the clear winner this time out :D
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Re: AR2_A_351_015_$2 Any Thing(Results)

Postby bythelee » Mon Aug 31, 2015 1:40 pm

I'm stoked! :shock: :D
Highly surprised that my panic building at the last moment got me so far.

And, going for something as "pure rocket" as possible, doing the same for red as was done for purple, I tweaked it to 982. Woohoo! :P

Incidentally, the "plate brake" that Mark_man used for red would also work for my "red rocket catcher". Just. Red lands a bit heavy and wide, tipping the rocket far enough that he starts to roll off. But the rocket weight leverage slips back down just in time to save it. Red is just entering the portal as the other dillos all depart, that's how "almost" Red comes to falling off.
Personally I do prefer that sort of dynamic, physical method of control, to the "random rocket nudge" that took forever to tweak. But by then, I was too hooked on rocketry to go looking for it.

I'd like to think, that it "might" be possible to get green to ride the nose of a rocket all the way up, and do away with the bar and plate carrier underneath, to save a further $6.
I've had a few quick goes, and while the theory says it should be possible, the nightmare of a pixelhunt tweakfest to find the "perfect" rocket size and position to do that, that doesn't block red on the way, and drops green off at the right moment, speed, and direction, suggests there may never be an actual solution.
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