AR2_A_349_013_Three to go Results

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AR2_A_349_013_Three to go Results

Postby Arunion » Mon Jul 20, 2015 11:09 pm

Hello everyone!

I'm terribly sorry for my late competition finish... I've had some... mental breakdown issues lately but in the end found myself again and feeling much better. Which is just confusing to read I suppose...

Anywayy, I didn't finish the level.. I had all plans to do it, but I have hardly been home.

Someone else will have to decide if bythelee's solution is valid. Considering I was this late in finishing the competition it might be valid, even considering the shut-off time, but my head is not where it usually is right now :lol:

mark_man scored 1356 with his solution and is technically first if the cutoff point still counts,
bythelee got 1418 with his.

Thank you both for playing! And sorry I have been so mute lately. I intend to improve on this in the future.
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Re: AR2_A_349_013_Three to go Results

Postby mark_man » Tue Jul 21, 2015 7:49 am

I was late by 1 minute ,that makes two of us so the win is bythlee's :D
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Re: AR2_A_349_013_Three to go Results

Postby bythelee » Tue Jul 21, 2015 5:51 pm

mark_man wrote:I was late by 1 minute :D

You're not forgetting that 8.00pm GMT is 9.00pm UK Daylight Saving Time, are you? :twisted:
That you might have been 59 minutes early.... :roll:

I'm happy to host the next one, though, if things are still busy.

Sorry to hear about your problems, Arunion. Glad to hears things have improved, and I hope the glue holds.....
It seems we're all having tough times right now. At least we're still going!

I've just had the most meat-grinding week of the year myself, so please excuse me for today (Tuesday). I'm hoping I've got my own dramas back under some sort of control now.
I'll have the next challenge up by 6.00pm Wednesday, unless Mark_man wants to claim victory after all..... :lol:

PS: I had a feeling, that with enough time and patience, it would be possible to bounce the gray and yellow dillos off the topmost anchor node, in such a way that the rocket and plate "brake" would not be needed.
Which would have saved me quite a bit....
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