AR2_A_346_010_quicksmile (Results)

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AR2_A_346_010_quicksmile (Results)

Postby mark_man » Sun Jun 07, 2015 1:35 pm

Bythelee is the winner followed by Arunion
Arunion your entry isn't working I guess that you have sent in the wrong one as it is incomplete :oops:
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Re: AR2_A_346_010_quicksmile (Results)

Postby bythelee » Sun Jun 07, 2015 6:30 pm

It just needed the bar to be connected, and a piece of rope added, to make the catcher a duplicate mirror of the other one. Solves just fine, for a bit less.

I'm struggling to understand how Arunion managed to get enough "kick" without needed as much mass stabilising as I did, though.
I might be missing something, because the left hand "punt" doesn't have the extra mass react anything like as much as I'd expect.

But I was very pleased to get the "snooker" version working. It was quite scary watching the aerodynamics effects at work. If the vertical plate turns too much, it will flutter and go horizontal.
And if you add a tiny piece of cloth, it flutters like a flag (yay realism) but also adds a massive amount of drag.
I'm not sure if that's why the falling platform was added, but I'm glad I was able to use it to punt the green dillo out of the smile. :D

Next challenge will be up soon.
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Re: AR2_A_346_010_quicksmile (Results)

Postby Arunion » Sun Jun 07, 2015 6:57 pm

whoops.. Apparently I managed to save the version I played around on as the completed one... Here it is done properly
AR2_A_346_010_quicksmile.442-Arunion-Rubber tension fixed.lvl2
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