AR2 A 341 003 Cascade Results

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AR2 A 341 003 Cascade Results

Postby bythelee » Fri Apr 03, 2015 8:55 pm

Well, that was a close fought battle. :D

Arunion held the better Red launcher lead for a long time, but eventually Mark_man found the same system - sort of. Slightly different, but same price and materials.
However, the elegance and economy of the red and grey catchers swung the result into his favour.

Final results:
1st, scoring 2864, is Mark_man. Congratulations.
2nd, scoring 2830, is Arunion. Great effort.
Me only scored 2736. I knew I was missing a big trick or two, but spent a lot of time on a "piledriver" breaker that didn't really go anywhere. Especially when it was the red start that cost so much. I could see it was dire, but I didn't have any bright ideas. Seeing that three plates was all it took, is quite sickening.... :cry: (well done, guys!)

I am happy to have a two week competition, if Mark_man wants to host. I feel like I could use the time to get my brain into gear again.
If not, then it should be up to Arunion to download and alter challenge no 4, however he wishes.....
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Re: AR2 A 341 003 Cascade Results

Postby Arunion » Fri Apr 03, 2015 10:44 pm

Nice catchers mark_man :D

I never did manage to break the cloth with force like that. I tried quite a few times just not in the right way clearly ^^

I feel a fair bit of pride for what I managed in that challenge :lol:

I'd happily let mark_man create a two week challenge. :)
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