AR2 A 339 One Results

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AR2 A 339 One Results

Postby bythelee » Sun Mar 15, 2015 11:47 pm

Good News! 4 entrants, and a lot of alternative (development) solutions from Mark_man.

Bad News! The original solutions from the original challenge fail to finish in a big way.

Good News! We can't just copy an old solution and rebadge it. Not until the old challenges caught up to the present 2.1.3 software version, anyway.

The runaway winner was Mark_man, scoring 2882. Congratulations! That was good enough for third place in the original challenge, but it wasn't a fair playing field.
Second was me, scoring 2850. That was my original score, before I was tainted by glimpsing Arunion's solution.
Third was Arunion, scoring 2846. I said it would be close.
Dec10 also solved it for 2702.

I was mostly working on a swing/bouncer (bar plus cloth) for the left hand side, but it failed miserably. The bar just broke under dillo impact. The plate/bar flipper discovered by Arunion and Mark_man seem to be the most economical option.
But Mark_man's unique bouncy swing on the right is a masterpiece. Nicely done.

Looking at how the original challenge winners fail to bounce anything like far enough, I reckon those old solutions were a lot easier to build. We're thus playing up a steep hill with the present 2.1.3 version, and that makes Mark_man's winning score all the more impressive here.

There were 7 competitors in the original challenge. Including a score of 2834 from a certain decsystem10....... :shock: :shock:
But hey, since the software isn't solving quite the same way, it's not surprising to be further off the pace than last time. :lol:
(I avoided looking at the results until after this challenge closed, to avoid knowing what score to aim for. So it was a complete surprise to see dec10 competing in both.)
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Re: AR2 A 339 One Results

Postby mark_man » Mon Mar 16, 2015 7:49 pm

HI just downloaded the results I haven't had time to have a look just yet. I will have the new level up after my tea in around 2 hours from now .
It took a lot of tweaking to get it up to what I did and I included how I did it just in case I was anywhere near the old way of how they did it .
By the sound of it if I did peek then I probably would have compromised my ideas in a bad way :D
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Re: AR2 A 339 One Results

Postby Arunion » Mon Mar 16, 2015 11:34 pm

The launcher you made on the right side is pretty epic mark_man :D I really enjoyed watching that one ^^

The difference in how we all solved it is pretty cool! Good work people :D
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Re: AR2 A 339 One Results

Postby bythelee » Tue Mar 17, 2015 12:43 pm

mark_man wrote:By the sound of it if I did peek then I probably would have compromised my ideas in a bad way :D

Yes, indeed. The physics are certainly altered.
Another potential problem, is that just having the solutions unzipped, gives a chance to glimpse them in the AR menu selection.

I'm not certain when the 2.1.3 version takes off. From some simple scanning, it looked like the present "challenge format" was established as early as No. 15 or so. So maybe these very early levels persuaded Peter Stock to tweak things a bit more, because he won that very first challenge...

I have to agree with Arunion - the RHS solution was perfectly epic. I didn't include the two development "fails" in the zip file, since Mark_man got it working.

It's a sign I've come to recognise in Ioncorpse's work: somehow he builds challenges that look like 5 minute throwaway jobs.
But once you get started, you could spent all day finding new ways to make it better....

Rob and Votart also competed in that challenge from 2009. So it's mostly familiar names involved, even way back then.
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