AR2 A 318 Inverter Results

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AR2 A 318 Inverter Results

Postby bythelee » Wed Jun 04, 2014 8:12 pm

Another subdued challenge, with only two competitors. A 3rd (dec10) was out of town......

It looked like it was a runaway win for an Inversion solution.

Both entrants managed it, but in the end it was:
Mark_man, scoring 1770, with no penalties, who found the most economical way. Congratulations! :armadillo:
Arunion managed a best score of 1476 including three penalties, but also managed a penalty free inverted 1440. Once again it was the right idea, expensively executed.

Now, about that runaway win......
It was easy to solve the problem cheaply without an inversion, but typically incurring 4, 3, or in my best POC case scoring 1598, 2 penalties.

But have a look at POC5 - a non-inverted, penalty free solution scoring 1736, with 1746 apparently possible with a lot of tweaking. :shock:
And there must be ways to economise on the edge-to-portal-tube transfer mechanism..... beating 1770 feels tantalisingly close!

'til next time.
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Re: AR2 A 318 Inverter Results

Postby Arunion » Thu Jun 05, 2014 3:38 pm

Much more effective solutions than mine ^^ Brilliant :D
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