AR2 A 312 Valley (results)

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AR2 A 312 Valley (results)

Postby bythelee » Sun Apr 27, 2014 9:06 pm

A subdued bidding and entry. :(
Thanks to all who participated.

Three entrants in the end, but one runaway winner:

1st, scoring 1842, was Mark_man. :lms: Congratulations
He built an awesome "rob-lever" that lobbed the dillo to a perfect bounce on the tip of a pinnacle. While the start position did prevent a "normal" rob-launcher, this variant was quite sublime for it's unique geometry and power.
A superbly simple and cheap catcher completed a "perfect" entry.
2nd, scoring 1702, was Arunion.
Some of the most elegant looking mechanisms for launch and catch. Especially launch. My brain melted just trying to work out how he put them together.
3rd, scoring 1554, was Dec10. A classic solution, using a timer to delay a rubber punt.

I did regret not making timers dirt cheap, because I think there might have been more solutions to be had that way.

I found a structural "trigger" that used dillo mass to activate for POC4, to lift the dillo out of the valley.
And then moved it to near the start, for POC5.
Copying Mark_man's catcher meant POC5a got closest to his score at 1768, but that's still a long way off the winning pace.
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Re: AR2 A 312 Valley (results)

Postby mark_man » Sun Apr 27, 2014 9:22 pm

Thanks for another nice level .The new competition is up.
Very nice entry's
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