AR2 A 308 Gunslinger2 (Results)

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AR2 A 308 Gunslinger2 (Results)

Postby mark_man » Sat Mar 29, 2014 9:10 pm

I'm very pleased to announce Arunion as the winner :D :D :D :D :D with 902 :lms:
In second is bythelee with 882
3rd Dec10 with arguable the nicest solutions (Double tap)
I also like Arunion's Early findings
And finally I tweaked up with a little help from everyone to 906 .poc of 894
Congrats everyone
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Re: AR2 A 308 Gunslinger2 (Results)

Postby bythelee » Sun Mar 30, 2014 12:41 pm

Congratulations, Arunion. :lms: Finally....

Nicely done guys. The rocket snooker might have taken forever to get right, so I didn't even go there. But that just makes them even more awesome to watch.

The "aerodynamic effects" of topspin and backspin are also more obvious in the low G. (Compare the green flight in my 882 and Arunion's 902 results - especially the clearance at the top barrel, and where the dillo lands on the lower barrel.)

And, no Ioncorpse?

I spent my limited tweaking time barking up the wrong tree, trying to cheapen my green catcher in an impossible tweak. (see 894fail-thewrongtree)
So I couldn't improve on 882.

Then, last night's insomnia led to a brainwave. Not only a much cheaper option, but it sooooo nearly worked first time out (see 908fail-greenergrass). I know you all experience the same feeling of agony when something is so close, but not quite working. This one was particularly painful for me.

It proved harder to tweak than expected, but it did eventually work with an extra cloth segment, for 904! Drat, damn, and blast it. Too late.

I then spent some time playing "dillo snooker", mucking about with the red "launch assist", trying to find the perfect mid-air dillo collision. It didn't work. Closest I got was 924fail. And it is scarily close. But no cigar.

Those experiments revealed a perfect fluke tension setting, where red flew further than ever, reaching his portal with no extra help. He flew so well, he bounced out of the top. But it is such a perfect fluke of a catcher that he adopts a perfectly vertical bounce pattern. He's still coming down for the third dead centre landing when he portals away.
So, 912...... :( :shock: :(

And, that tension setting, producing the perfect interaction of the broken cloth with the red dillo for minimal impede, is just as fluky as any of the rocket taps and double taps. 0.1% tension change either way, and it doesn't work.

Not the first time I've found a "better" answer once it's too late. (Anyone remember the cantilever of 288 Shooter? :( )
And sadly, I'm sure it won't be the last time, either.

Looking forward to a new champion posting his first challenge. :D
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Re: AR2 A 308 Gunslinger2 (Results)

Postby Arunion » Sun Mar 30, 2014 12:59 pm

Yayy :D

Excellent solutions as usual and nice poc. ^^

I like the combo-tweaks as well :D
Even though I won. It wasn't until I saw the other solutions that I noticed the other changed prices :lol:

Those flukes are pretty damn good bythelee, I was struggling to try and make a (probably impossible) solution of 910-914 and you did it in a completely different way. :shock: I guess I was lucky that your genius was delayed just long enough ^^

I'll post a new level later today. :)
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